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Established in 1999, Wuxi Xishan Huanyu Metal Hose Co.,Ltd is a specialized and leading manufacturer of Exhaust Flexible Pipe. Which mainly supply exhaust flexible pipe, flexible coupling, flexible tube, interlock, industrial pipe, muffler, and clamp. Our main products flexible pipe with output over million every year... View more
  The increase demand of our products every year due to our high quality
  Supplying products on high quality but reasonable prices since our plant set up
  We are exporting about 90% out of total capacity to overseas countries 

Our Workshop

Our workshop covers 12000 square meters, with 150 skilled workers, advanced equipments and professional sales team.

Our Target

Our target is to provide premium quality products, competitive market price and better service to out customers. 

The Value

The value of Huanyu is excellent customer service, respect all the employees and do the right thing. 
  • [Products News] What good is flexible exhaust?

    Q: I was thinking about going true dual on my 92 camera... I saw some flexible exhaust on jcwhitney.com, and I was thinking about getting that, instead of paying someone to do all the pipe work... its 30 bucks for like 25 feet which is definitely enough, so I figure that plus 2 galas packs for 20 ea Read More

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    Exhaust leaks can range from very serious problems to an issue that seems to make your car or truck sound really cool and go faster. In this article we will talk about your vehicle’s exhaust system, symptoms of a leak and what you can do about.What does the exhaust system do?Your vehicle’s exhaust Read More

  • [Products News] What is a flex pipe?

    What is a flex pipe?A flex pipe is flexible piece of pipe that allows the exhaust system some flexibility. Flex pipes are an essential part of any front wheel drive vehicle and on most all wheel drive vehicles. On front wheel cars, since the motor is mounted transversely, when you accelerate the motor rocks, the flex pipe protects your exhaust system from breakage. Without that extra flex pipe, the rocking motion would crack the exhaust system causing a loud leak. Read More

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