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Laser Cutting

Equipped with modern laser cutting machines, our pipes can be cut quickly and accurately. Automatic laser cutting machines can save both manufacturing costs and time. 


Arc Welding                    Laser Welding 
Resistance Welding       Brazing

Girth Weld Machine

Girth Welding is used to weld two pipes together. It is another kind of arc welding along the circumference of the two pipes’ joint. This welding method quickens the welding rate greatly. 

Exhaust Pipe Interlock Hose Making Machine

Different materials of exhaust pipe interlocks can be made by this machine. For example, stainless steel ones, aluminum ones, etc. The thickness and locking style of the hoses can also be adjusted.

Metal Stamping

A flat metal sheet can be stamped into different kinds of shapes with a metal stamping machine. Metal stamping is a cost-effective and fast solution for volume-production.
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