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This is a question that is often asked, however before I explain how to repair a Flexi pipe it is important to understand what the Flexi pipe does and its functionality.



A Flexible pipe, also known as Flexi, Flexy Flex, Braid, interlock etc. it is a crucial component fitted to a vehicles exhaust system.

Mainly fitted to vehicles which have a transverse engine, there needs to be a section of the exhaust which can move with the engine, if the exhaust is too rigid then the system will crack and break especially near the expensive manifold, where the pipes that carry the waste gasses start, therefore to reduce the chance of this happening a flexible tube is fitted, normally after the downpipe, this will significantly reduce noise and vibration and prevent damage. Exhaust pipes get extremely hot from the gases passing through the system and out the tailpipe. Due to this, when an exhaust system needs to bend, shift, expand or be flexible, the manufacturer cannot use traditional materials like rubber. The flex pipe is made of metal, strips woven into a lattice or braid, and thus can withstand exhaust gas heat. Cheaper Flexi pipes are made from mild steel but do not last long, stainless steel is the preferred choice which is built to last longer.

The flexi pipe is a great solution but also created another problem and that is, it does not last forever, eventually this constant movement causes the flex pipe to fracture and break, furthermore it is not just wear and tear that will cause the damage, it’s also knocks, bumps and grazes, if the vehicle was to hit, maybe a speed bump and any other anomaly on the driving surface, this can also cause the damage.

Manufacturers install the flexi pipe as, non-removable which is welded in place, great for the manufacturers because they can sell you a complete downpipe which can cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds, not so good for the vehicle owner because this certainly means a huge bill.


Here at Profusion Customs we manufacture a huge range of stainless steel flexi pipes in all sizes; there are 3 main types of Flexi pipe, Some of the first designs of flexi pipe consisted of an inner bellow and an outer Braid this was great for light use.


The next development consisted of an inner braid, bellows in the middle and an outer braid; this provided better flexibility and longer life and was suitable for medium use.


The latest technology and which is by far the best method consists on a interlock tube with bellows in the middle and cased in outer braid, the key is the interlock pipe, this has proved to reduce vibration and noise and lasts the longest, do not confuse with pipes that just mention ilock, it must mention Interlock and have a interlocked pipe visible when you look through the middle. This is manufactured for heavy use.


As UK’s number one stainless steel exhaust manufacturers and suppliers we hold a vast range of exhaust flexi pipes, there are 2 variants available in differing sizes, please note we will only supply you the more superior and latest Interlock technology flexi pipes.



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