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Exhaust down pipe flex pipe size
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Exhaust down pipe flex pipe size

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Q: My flex pipe is starting to seperate and the hole is getting bigger. I want to DIY an universal flex pipe but need to locate a ss flex pipe that will fit. Can someone provide the ID, OD and length of the flex pipe on a 2.0 tfsi or a link to a supplier. I can have piece welded in. Thanks.


A: unfortunately, replacing the flex pipe only isn't that simple. 


It's very long and very flexible. 

A traditional style flex pipe won't work as a retrofit. 


A: That flex joint is only 4" long where our stock flex joint is 10+ in long. 

If you're out of warranty id say jist upgrade to an aftermarket dp. Its more money but you get performance gains and never need to worry about the dp separating from the flange


A: in addition, the flex pipe on the downpipe is as rigid as a cooked noodle... and the flex pipe takes care of the 90° bend on the aftermarket pipes


A: I guess that 4" unit isn't a good fit then.

Mine's a V6, so there's no downpipe involved. One local shop quoted me $200 per pipe to replace the flex pipe. Seems a bit steep, so the search continues...

Can anyone recommend a good exhaust shop in the Milwaukee area?


A: Completely different situation if you have a 3.6l passat. Im not sure what size your flex joint would be. This thread was originally for a 2.0t so we assumed you had the same. 


A: I just replaced my downpipe last week. Mine completely failed at the weld. Took me two afternoons after work in my driveway to replace. Hardest part was two nuts were completely rusted so I had to use vice grips to get them off. Then when I bolted the Eurojet downpipe it was too long. I had to cut about two inches off the cat back portion of the factory exhaust for it to fit. 


That's the video I used as reference. Pretty straightforward just time consuming without the hydraulic lift and sweet air ratchets.

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