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Win the Excellence Award in Manufacturing Excellence&Innovation Awards
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Win the Excellence Award in Manufacturing Excellence&Innovation Awards

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Our product- Exhaust Flexible Pipe won the Excellence Award in Manufacturing Excellence&Innovation Awards.

We stood out in more than 5,000 products. Proving the 16 years of our efforts.

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Made in China is a beauty products for the Chinese public welfare annual selection activities, 2011 to date, the beauty of Chinese manufacturing has been successfully held the sixth. In recent years, China's traditional low-end manufacturing and brand missing situation is gradually improved, China-made transformation and upgrading and branding the road more smoothly, to enhance the "industrial design" concept has been deeply rooted in the enterprise. China-made beauty of the selected activities, inspired to encourage more enterprises to design, brand, but also to the Chinese manufacturing associated good design, good products, good brand through this platform for global communication, get more international recognition.

Each year, Chinese-made beauty will invite professional jury to participate in the selection, by their "eyes" to find China's "quality" made of the United States. These well-known industrial design master, the industry's senior buyers and industry experts from the industrial design, industry expertise, the market value of multidimensional assessment, to help enterprises better understand their products, access to greater promotion, with their professional, The selection of the most critical selection criteria on behalf of the Chinese manufacturing level of quality products, and this year's award-winning 57 products is in accordance with product quality, product innovation, human-computer interaction dimension from the many products in the excellent selection, excellence results.

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