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A: Serious question to ask everyone. Lately driving my escort there has been times where I’m driving and I have had ill trouble breathing, headache cool chest and arm tingly numb feelings.
Now I did go to the doc thinking WTF is going on with me. got blood test and all and cholesterol has gone a little but dropped from last 
time 2011 it was at 190. 2012 was at 260 and last week 220. Doc checked my blood pressure, heart , blood test all that. Says I’m doing fine just exercise more and eat better that's all.
Now my gf a few times don't like riding in the escort with me saying cuz it smells like fumes. I am thinking there could carbon monoxide getting into the car / vent system. Maybe there could be an 
exhaust leak somewhere.
Now On eBay there are exhaust manifold replacements for about $60 new which I may consider but also I may wane check the cat downpipe and entire exhaust system.

Anyone had in issues with any exhaust leaks anywhere before or think they could of possibly had some carbon monoxide poisoning?
If so what did you guys do or recommend doing? I do plan to use a carbon monoxide detector in the car running with the heater and fan on to see if that set it off. But guys on a serious note. What do you think?? Let me get some of your feedback please?

B: Like the post in your CAT thread, you should test the condition of your engine first. What do your plugs look like? Once you're sure you are burning as clean as you should be, take it to a muffler shop and ask them to check for leaks. I assume you have a complete system that runs all the way back to the rear bumper.


C: Check the flex pipe in the exhaust for leaks!!!


D: The flex pipe would definitely be a suspected source for fumes. 
I think fu
mes are more likely to come into the car if you drive with a window slightly open. That lowers the air pressure inside the car slightly, and will suck more air inside from the vents at the base of the windshield, or through any holes in the bottom of the car. Being fully open usually involves enough air movement inside the car to dispel insidious fumes. Also, exhaust fumes can get sucked in from the tail end of the car, if you have a missing rubber strip around the rear hatch; or the rear gate on a wagon. 
There is supposed to be a 
rubber tube leading from the drivers side of the valve cover, into the air cleaner housing. If that is missing on your car, crankcase fumes might be coming out - and getting pulled in via the vents at the base of the windshield.
Recently I was looking up at the floor of my daughter's 91LX, and s
aw a small rusted-through area that is hidden by the carpeting; perhaps fumes could get into the car that way.
I haven’t had any symptoms yet, but I may buy a CO detector and put it in her car, and go for a long drive; so I hope you find the source of the fumes, and I am glad you brought it up - so I can see if the Escorts in my family have such a problem.


E: I would be astonished if the exhaust manifold was the source of the leak or fumes. I have never had one of them give me any problem. I could believe the exhaust manifold gasket had rusted through at some place.


A: I’ll see if i can do that this weekend. Put raise the car up on jack stands from and rear and go from there. Now before the car did not pass smog, I had to pay extra for it to get slogged. Ok I did check the check engine light with the paper clip method for the light to blink and mentioned about EGR, I did replace the valve but didn’t fix it. Now i have read some escort have an EGR valve port or something under the car /cat / down pipe and I don’t recall seeing that but i didn’t actually take a good hard careful look Ill do that as well. Again I won’t have time till this weekend


Other things I been reading online too because of that WEIRD feeling I was felt is I hope I’m not developing type 2 diabetes. For breakfast this morning i didn’t have time to eat before I left home and only had a coffee and 3 chocolate chip cookies.I have been drinking a lot of water too. BUT again let’s see what is really going on either with me or with the car.


F: The 91 and 92 LX Escorts that had EGR had the steel tube running almost vertically downward from the EGR valve - and connecting into the end of the catalytic converter outlet pipe below & behind the engine. The 93 and later LX Escorts had the EGR tube running around the side of the engine head, from the EGR valve to the middle of the exhaust manifold. There was also a small steel tube sticking out of the side of the larger EGR tube, which would have had a rubber tube connected to it, that rubber tube being connected to the sensor on the firewall. Even though that rubber tube is some special silicone rubber, it can come apart - and might let a small amount of exhaust fumes come out - more or less behind the engine.
As far as I know, the non-California 92 and 93 LX Escorts did not have the EGR system at all.


A: Ok long time no talk guys but sold the car today. Now the car I didn't find NO LEAK what so ever, was under the car couple weeks ago with a carbon monoxide detector and NOTHING found. These feelings I had I also got when driving my 2012 ford fusion. Now its come down to this that I’m suffering from anxiety and showed the symptoms and my doc says for the 3rd time I am fine. , heart rate, blood, I changed my eating habits drastically from no soda no salt no fast food and lost 20 lbs in that month with dieting eating right and just walking a lot on my treadmill. Now selling the car I did explain everything done to the car just like I have explained on here myself. All receipts, alignment parts any possible problems, notes on when I did stuff and the guys seemed happy and boot my escort with confidence. Enjoyed the ride and said hey it drives really well for all the work I’ve done. His cousin texted me saying made him happy so I’m glad I helped a young person with a car and did a lot of work to it and could save him a ill money and he use it for a car to work and back. As for me I work closer now and using my fusion. But that is my update. didn't find nothing with a carbon monoxide detectornor did my gf’s dad who works at a exhaust shop find a leak anywhere. So again it was all really my personal health. BUT guys since the escort is sold I wane THANK everyone for your help and sharing of each other information. 

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