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Exhaust Flex
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Exhaust Flex

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Senior Flexonics is the world’s leading supplier of exhaust connectors. We design, Engineer and manufacture non-load supporting under body flex and self supporting flex couplings to match each vehicle’s unique platform. We are an established and trusted OEM supplier and resource to some of the world’s leading brands. Our Engineers work closely with their respective Engineering departments to: satisfy emission requirements, reduce the transfer of stress and vibration to the vehicle, improve Vehicle Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH), with the overall goal to reduce exhaust warranty claims and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Different flex designs provide different benefits at different costs. Some design constraints that determine drive flex design include:

· Transverse or longitudinal engine orientation

· Exhaust hanger quantity & location

· Allowable engine roll & exhaust alignment relative to engine roll axis (displacements, torsion, etc.)

· Available packaging area in vehicle exhaust

· Exhaust gas temperatures at various locations in the system

· Primary need/function for flex (i.e. durability, NVH, assembly, thermal expansion, etc.)


Bellows Assemblies

Our mechanical or hydro formed bellows are Engineered and fabricated with the optimum combination of alloy, diameter, length, convolutions and wall thickness. Add to this our “know how” and capacity to manufacture all related components and you have the convenience and time savings of a “drop-in” type of installation.

We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service. Making business easier!View More

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