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Explore our new product of WELDED METAL BELLOW
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Explore our new product of WELDED METAL BELLOW

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Corrosion Resistance

Operating Temperature(℃)

Yield Stress(kgf/cm2)


3 Series Austenitic Stainless Steel




Widely used in various fields. Non-magnetic.





Widely used in general.  Magnetic.

Inconel 718




High strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resilience. Non-magnetic.

Inconel 625


-250 ~ 810


Require high strength and corrosion resistance of the environment. Non-magnetic.

Hastelloy C


-250 ~ 980


Anticorrosive very well, and may be suitable for high temperature.  Non-magnetic.



Welded Metal Bellows are mechanical elements taking a shape of a wrinkled tube which is made by welding multiple of very thin metal diaphragms formed by press machine. Its elastic characteristic enables movements on axis direction, angular direction, and horizontal/vertical directions yet maintaining airtight by isolating the interior from the exterior.

Welded metal bellows is used as sensitive components, sealing components , medium isolation, pipeline connection, temperature compensator, etc.


Product advantages

It has the advantages of  pressure resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, well sealing, etc. Compared with the traditional bellows it has three prominent advantages: The amount of deformation is larger, Life cycles is longer, Mechanical linear is better.

Our welded metal bellows are engineered to allow for maximum flexibility in axial, angular and parallel offset motion. They provide a hermetic, all metal pressure barrier and seal that flexes in one or more directions.



minimum inner diameter: ≥4mm             

maximum outer diameter: ≤500 mm


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Welded Bellows packed in Carton or according to customers' need for stainless steel metal welded bellows

Delivery Detail:

20-30 Days for stainless steel metal welded bellows




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