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Flex pipes
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Flex pipes

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•Dinex flex pipes are produced from high quality AISI

304 Stainless Steel.

•Dinex flex pipe is interlocked pipe which is designed to be Gas-Tight.


Dinex can supply you with flex pipes with dimensions from Ø 25 mm to Ø 200 mm. The flex can be supplied up to 6 meters length, to be cut to size during installation, or a fixed length ready to install. We can also supply the flex as an integrated part of the pipeline. 

The pictures below show 3 various ways to install the flex.

  1.  图片3Flex welded together with pipe fitting.

  2. 图片4Flex mounted with step clamp 

  3. 图片5Flex mounted with slat strip clamp

How to do correct installation of Dinex Flex pipes

The function of a flex is to compensate and to absorb vibrations in the exhaust system. If the flex pipe is incorrectly installed or compressed, stretched or bent, it will cause a breakage in the flex pipe after a short time, this happens due to the vibration. The same problem can also occur using clamps that are not suitable for flex installations, e.g. U-bolts etc.

To ensure the function and the durability of the flex pipe, correct installation is required and it is recommended to use the flex clamps and the following 3-step installation procedure:


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