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Foreign and American Flex Pipe Repairs
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Foreign and American Flex Pipe Repairs

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On most foreign vehicles flex pipes are located on front converter pipes so the exhaust system can flex. These Flex pipes often crack and tear causing leaks which are annoying and loud, not to mention it causes carbon monoxide, which is very toxic and can get into the vehicle if the flex pipes are leaking in the front. Most dealerships will not repair Flex pipes because of the difficult task in hand. They will give you new front pipes and converters with the flex pipes attached even if your converters are in good shape. This repair at a dealership could cost you up to $4000.We can replace these with new flex pipes using your original oem converters. We have performed flex pipe repairs on many Audis and Volkswagens. Many foreign and American cars have flex pipes, but Audi and Volkswagen are the most common.We try to make this procedure affordable for the customer. For  single flex pipe replaced, it could cost you as little as $200. Most Audis and Volkswagens have to flex pipes and they could cost you as little as $800to replace. That's much better than 3 to 4 thousand for front pipes! 


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