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Products for Exhaust Applications
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Products for Exhaust Applications

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Flexible Hoses



The EnduroFlex® is a highly flexible metal hose designed to fit all common exhaust system pipe diameters.

Properties include:

Compensation of large axial, angular and/or lateral motion

Best decoupling of engine vibration

Horizontal or vertical mounting orientation

Ends are free of lubricants and designed for accurate and smokeless welding into the exhaust system

100% tested and documented function and geometry

Function remains constant over the life of the vehicle

The SG type is a semi-self supporting design which may be a lower cost alternative to self-supporting decoupling joints:

Properties include:

Compensation of angular and axial motion

Good decoupling of engine vibration

Compact and symmetrical design

Horizontal or vertical orientation - vertical when located near exhaust manifold

Self-Supporting Decoupling Joints

The BOA Group also offers a decoupling joint as self-supporting device (with no hangers). It is highly gas tight and corrosion resistant for a long time period. Basic functions of the self-supporting decoupling joint are:

-Decoupling engine motions

-Suppressing system resonances

BOA design calculators and 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) validation provides our customers a tailored and optimized product design according to their needs - reducing application size, weight and cost.

The SE is a low cost decoupling joint that uses a circumferentially mounted stainless steel cable as the load support mechanism in place of the wire mesh element used in other designs.


Properties include:

-Acceptance of angular motion

-Very good decoupling of engine vibration

-Compact and a rotationally symmetric design

-Vertical mounting orientation

-Can be flange mounted


The CE type is also a cost reduced version. It has already proven its durability in several million vehicle applications.

Thermal Compensators


BOA thermal compensators are used in tubular exhaust manifolds, down-pipes and crossover pipes and provide the following functions:

Compensation of stresses caused by varying thermal expansion rates.

Flexibility in alignment of parts during installation.

High Frequency Damper


The BOA high frequency damper (HFD) dampens and prevents transmission of  high frequency vibrations within turbocharged exhaust structures, increasing the acoustic comfort of the vehicle.

The high frequency damper is very stiff and self-supporting. It consists of a special multi-layer bellows with a maximum of 5 corrugations, combined with a damper cushion which is installed on the inlet side of the damper.

The BOA HFD achieves a significant reduction of structure born noise – at low cost and efficiently!


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