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Symptoms of bad flex pipe
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Symptoms of bad flex pipe

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Symptoms of bad flex pipe


Wuxi Xishan Huanyu Metal Hose Co.,Ltd - Monday, July 16 2018


Q: I haven’t driven my truck in about a week and today I was driving and noticed a loss of power...but then again with a 2.2 its hard to notice a loss of power...my exhaust is also louder, but only at the tail pipe. I had my exhaust hanger off for a while because I dropped my tranner so maybe cause the exhaust was hanging from it, it caused it to go bad ...anyways does any1 know the symptoms of a bad flex pipe, does this sound like my problem?
and am I wrong or are the 98 2.2s recalled for that? 

 bad flex pipe

A: Your car is a head turner but definitely not in a desirable way. Have you seen people covering their ears when you pass by? If they have three hands they would have covered their mouths as well to prevent anything foul to come out of their mouth. If that happens to you lately and you know all the noise is coming from under the frame, you definitely need a serious replacement of the flex pipe. Basically, every vehicle is vibrating regardless of how great their suspension system is. The fact that vibration is common, every component of your car should be tightly mounted to prevent it from jumping up and down, causing you great embarrassment down the city street. This is basically the case for the flex pipe. Flex pipes are made to support the exhaust system by absorbing most of the vibrations and movements that could potentially damage your entire exhaust system. So before you complicate the noise problem into something damaging to your car and not only to your reputation, get a new flex pipe now.


If you have other ideas of symptoms of bad flexible pipe, please comment.


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