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What is an exhaust flex pipe and why do I have to replace it?-PART ONE
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What is an exhaust flex pipe and why do I have to replace it?-PART ONE

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My mechanic told me I need to replace it after I went to him with a very loud roaring sound coming from the engine/under the car. He said it is the pipe that connects to the manifold.


Best Answer:  And he is correct, it is a flexible pipe that connects the exhaust manifold to the rest of the exhaust, yours probably has a hole in it, hence the loud noise. Some of those flex pipes are quite expensive... 

As for why do you have to replace it, well, unless you enjoy the loud noise and sucking carbon monoxide it would be best to get it done..


Answer: You have a front wheel drive car, obviously. The flex pipe is the piece of the exhaust system that allows the engine and transaxle to "pitch" on its mounts when you accelerate, or rev the engine. A longitudinally mounted engine just kind of twists the exhaust a bit, but a transverse mounted engine has the exhaust at a right angle. 

You have to replace it because there is a very loud roaring sound coming through what used to be a flex pipe and is now a piece of useless metal!


Answer: In older cars,rear drive they did not have flex pipes, but in front wheel drive cars of today, its needed as engines in front wheel tend to bend a bit when you step of the gas peddle vertical position, ie up and down, you can probably get away with out a flex pipe but in time you will get cracks and leaks in the exhaust system, its there for a reason.


Answer: It's actually pretty much what it sounds like. It's a flexible piece of pipe, usually with a "braided cable" cover. Your manifold is stationary and the rest of your exhaust system just hangs from the under carriage of your car. So the flex prevents anything from breaking. Basically, you have an exhaust leak.


Answer: I am sure you are driving a front wheel drive car and the engine is sideways, the exhaust flex pipe is there because of engine torqe, when you get on the throttle the engine will twist in the frame and it needs to flex in that area, if it was solid it would break something. it sounds like the mechanic knows what he is talking about, get it fixed !


To be continued…….

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