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What is an exhaust flexible pipe?
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What is an exhaust flexible pipe?

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Exhaust flexible pipe is an important component in modern industry. Exhaust flexible pipe is mainly used as a wire and cable protection pipe for wires, cables, automatic instrument signals, and a civil shower exhaust flexible pipe, with specifications ranging from 3mm to 150mm. Small-diameter exhaust flexible pipe (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for the sensor line protection of the exhaust flexible pipe precision optical ruler and the exhaust flexible pipe industrial sensor line protection.

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Brief introduction

Backpressure exhaust pipe

Halfback pressure tube



Brief introduction

The exhaust flexible pipe is a part of the engine exhaust system. The exhaust system mainly includes exhaust flexible pipe exhaust manifold, exhaust flexible pipe exhaust pipe, and muffler. Generally, it is the three schools of exhaust flexible pipe to control engine pollutant emission. The catalytic converter is also installed in the exhaust system. The exhaust flexible pipe generally includes a front exhaust pipe and a rear exhaust pipe. Bellows are often combined with exhaust flexible pipe displacement sensors to form a pressure sensor that outputs electricity. The exhaust flexible pipe is sometimes used as an isolation element. Since the expansion of the exhaust flexible pipe requires a large volume change, its response speed is lower than that of the exhaust flexible pipe. Exhaust flexible pipe is suitable for measuring low pressure. The exhaust flexible pipe drag chain is used in reciprocating motion occasions, and it can traction and protect the exhaust flexible pipe's built-in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, and water pipes.


Backpressure exhaust pipe

The principle of exhaust flexible pipe is the same as that of the original factory, but the sound will be better than the original factory. Most of the original cars use this kind of exhaust flexible pipe. It mainly depends on the volume change of the grating muffler in the tube or the exhaust flexible pipe. The pressure of the cylinder, when the exhaust flexible pipe engine is ignited, the piston starts a radial stroke, and the exhaust flexible pipe exhaust valve will open before the piston reaches the bottom dead center. At this time, the backpressure in the exhaust flexible pipe will block the exhaust gas from rushing out, allowing the exhaust flexible pipe mixture to achieve complete combustion. Exhaust flexible pipe, but the backpressure is too strong, will cause exhaust gas can not be completely discharged from the cylinder, causing exhaust flexible pipe exhaust gas and mixed gas to burn together to reduce the combustion efficiency, of course, exhaust flexible pipe is the most direct cause of horsepower output. The advantages of an exhaust flexible pipe: low noise, good low-speed torque.


Halfback pressure tube

The backpressure force of exhaust flexible pipe is lower, and the compliance of the exhaust is better than that of the backpressure pipe. Simply put, the exhaust flexible pipe is between the backpressure pipe and the straight pipe, and there is a moderate exhaust flexible pipe backpressure.


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