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What to Do When the Truck Exhaust Pipe Gets Too Noisy
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What to Do When the Truck Exhaust Pipe Gets Too Noisy

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Truck exhausts are meant to improve your riding experience but sometimes they can be too noisy. Sometimes the noise produced by loose components used on the exhaust become too much and have to be fixed quickly. Fixing loose components is fairly easy and leaving them like that may be very dangerous. This is because such exhausts may leak deadly gases that may lead to health complications for the truck owner and his passengers.

Start With Emergency Repair

The biggest problem with truck exhausts is that the tailpipe may become lose. This is mostly a result of rusting of the exhaust clamp causing it to fall off. When this happens when you are driving, performing an emergency repair on the side of the road is advisable. In such a situation, do not rush at fixing the exhaust but rather let it cool down a bit or you may risk burning your hands. 

Give the exhaust 30 minutes before you start working on it. After the exhaust cools off, crawl down the truck, hold the tailpipe onto the frame, and secure it. Allow some clearance between the body of the truck and the tailpipe of the exhaust. This should hold the exhaust for a while but you should drive the truck for a few metres and check to see if the exhaust is still in place. 

This is just a temporary solution meant to give you a piece of mind as you get the exhaust fixed properly.

Fix the Muffler Clamp

Fixing the exhaust permanently involves getting new muffler clamps if the existing ones are damaged. The muffler clamps help hold the tailpipe to the truck’s body. If you have a loose or rusting clamp, it is probably the cause of the noise. Muffler clamps are normally bolted on the body of the truck so you will have to remove it with a wrench.

Fix the Exhaust Holes

A muffler that is cracked or has a hole may also be the cause of a noisy exhaust. If this is the case, repairs should be done immediately as the gases escaping may be dangerous. Fixing the exhaust in such situations depends on the size of the hole/crack. A smaller crack can be fixed by applying a muffler putty on the length of the crack. The putty takes several hours to dry completely so you should be prepared to wait for some time when you use the putty. After the putty dries up, run the engine to see if the problem is fixed. 

For fixing large holes, Epoxy is ideal. After the epoxy is applied, give it sometime to dry before switching on the engine to see if it is fixed. 


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