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Application of exhaust bellows metal bellows
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Application of exhaust bellows metal bellows

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The basic composition of exhaust bellows is metal bellows, so let's take a look at what is the use of exhaust bellows metal bellows in machinery.

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Application of metal bellows

Applied to the steel belt



Application of metal bellows

Exhaust bellows metal bellows and fin-type bellows are used in internal combustion engine coolers. Install 1-1000 exhaust bellows metal with intermittent convex and concave shapes in the casing of gasoline and diesel engine cooler or between the two tube plates of the cooling core. The corrugated pipe is fixed on one end of the tube plate by pipe expansion method, welding method, etc., so that the flow state of the exhaust bellows cooling medium is changed, to increase the heat transfer coefficient of the exhaust bellows and increase the heat transfer efficiency of the exhaust bellows.

1. Pressure According to the actual working pressure of the exhaust bellows, check the nominal diameter and pressure gauge of the exhaust bellows to determine whether the exhaust bellows use the stainless steel mesh sleeve type.

2. The size of exhaust bellows is the nominal diameter, and the joint type (mainly flange connection, thread connection, quick joint connection) and size, hose length is selected.

3. The state is based on the state when the exhaust bellows are used, referring to the correct use and installation method of the metal exhaust bellows and the optimal length of the exhaust bellows in settlement compensation. The length calculation of exhaust bellows in various motion states, the minimum bending times and minimum bending radius of exhaust bellows and other factors, the correct selection of the exhaust bellows length, and the correct installation of parameters.

4. The working temperature and range of the medium in the exhaust bellows; the ambient temperature when the hose is working. At high temperatures, the temperature correction coefficient of the working pressure of the exhaust bellows metal bellows must be determined according to the temperature correction coefficient of the exhaust bellows temperature to determine the correct pressure level of the exhaust bellows.

5. The chemical properties of the medium conveyed in the exhaust bellows are determined according to the corrosion resistance parameter table of the exhaust bellows material to determine the material of each part of the exhaust bellows.

6. Vacuum exhaust bellows are mainly used in the production of single crystal silicon to achieve negative vacuum


Applied to the steel belt

Steel belt exhaust bellows, also known as steel belt reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe, is a winding structural wall pipe that uses high-density polyethylene (PE) as a matrix (inner and outer layers) and a steel belt coated with adhesive. This kind of exhaust bellows tube wall structure is composed of three layers: the inner layer is a continuous solid-wall PE inner tube, and the inner exhaust bellows is wound with an annular corrugated steel belt reinforcement (formed into a "V" shape by steel plate). The corrugated exhaust bellows steel belt is reinforced with a polyethylene outer layer to form a whole spiral corrugated exhaust bellows. The elastic modulus of corrugated exhaust bellows steel is nearly 200 times that of polyethylene. Combining the advantages of metal and plastic is an ideal way to achieve high stiffness and low consumption. Corrugated exhaust bellows can combine the high stiffness, high strength of steel, and the corrosion resistance of plastics. Abrasion resistance, flexibility, and other excellent properties are organically combined to give play to the advantages of corrugated exhaust bellows, make up for the shortcomings of corrugated exhaust bellows, and achieve the unity of high performance and low cost of corrugated exhaust bellows.


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