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Failure judgment of exhaust flexible pipe
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Failure judgment of exhaust flexible pipe

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The failure of exhaust flexible pipe mainly has several parts. Next, we will learn more about the failure of exhaust flexible pipe, and judge the possible problems based on the smoke discharged from exhaust flexible pipe, and their treatment methods.

Here is the content list:

Diagnosis and treatment methods

Fault judgment


Diagnosis and treatment methods

① Approach the exit of the exhaust flexible pipe muffler with your hand. If there are water droplets on the wet hand, confirm that water enters the cylinder.

②Check whether there is water in the diesel oil. Check whether there is a lot of water in the exhaust flexible pipe of the oil-water separator. If there is a lot of water, the fuel quality is poor. First, remove the moisture in the high and low-pressure oil circuits of the exhaust flexible pipe. Then open the drain plug of the fuel tank to release the water in the fuel tank, and finally flush the exhaust flexible pipe with clean diesel oil.

③Open the exhaust flexible pipe water tank cover, press the starter button and observe whether the water surface of the water filling port is bubbling.

If there is water in the engine oil, or bubbles emerge from the water surface of the water filler, it means that the cooling water has entered the exhaust flexible pipe and the cylinder.

④ Before disassembling the cylinder head of the exhaust flexible pipe, check the tightness of each bolt. If there are loose bolts, tighten them and check for water leakage. If it still leaks, proceeds to the next step to check the exhaust flexible pipe.

⑤Further find out the leaking part of the specific exhaust flexible pipe, you can inflate the water tank, the pressure is not more than 200kPa, open the oil pan and check the leak at the bottom of the engine, then open the exhaust flexible pipe cylinder head to check the bottom of the cylinder head and the cylinder head gasket, and check the faulty part. For the parts that leak water into the cylinder, use the exhaust flexible pipe replacement method or replace the new assembly method.


Fault judgment

Judge the failure of diesel engine exhaust flexible pipe when smoking: diesel engine exhaust flexible pipe normally emits colorless gas. If an exhaust flexible pipe emits black smoke, white smoke, or blue smoke, it means that the engine is malfunctioning and the exhaust gas is discharged. Not only does it affect the surrounding environment, but it is also a warning to the user that the engine malfunction must be eliminated in time.

exhaust flexible pipe

Analyze the cause of the failure:

(1) The air filter of the exhaust flexible pipe is seriously blocked.

(2) The injection time of the exhaust flexible pipe is too late.

(3) The fuel injector is faulty or the newly installed fuel injector model is wrong.

(4) The exhaust flexible pipe fuel injection pump is faulty or the smoke limiter is improperly adjusted.

(5) The turbocharger is faulty.

(6) The exhaust flexible pipe intercooler is faulty.

(7) The exhaust brake valve of the exhaust flexible pipe is in the closed position.

(8) The cylinder pressure of the exhaust flexible pipe is insufficient.


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