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Failure of exhaust bellows
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Failure of exhaust bellows

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After we understand the classification of exhaust bellows, let's take a look at the failure information of exhaust bellows. Where is the failure of exhaust bellows and what is the manifestation? And how to solve these faults. Understanding the occurrence principle of these exhaust bellows failures, as well as the inspection and troubleshooting methods, is important for us to maintain the exhaust bellows.

Here is the content list:

Failure phenomenon

Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

Failure analysis


Failure phenomenon

The exhaust bellows muffler of a car was blasted during driving. During the exhaust bellows parking inspection, when the exhaust bellows ignition coil high-voltage mainline was unplugged, the fire was tested at a distance of 34mm from the cylinder body, and the exhaust bellows distributor was turned off. Or when cranking the crankshaft, the flashover is normal, but it is found that the exhaust bellows distributor's power-off contact is ablated. After grinding the contacts with sand bars and adjusting the gap of the exhaust bellows to 0.35-0.45mm, the exhaust bellows functioned normally after the engine was started, but when the car traveled about 40 kilometers, the exhaust bellows muffler exploded again.


Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

According to the above phenomenon, the cause of the exhaust bellows muffler was carefully analyzed. To find out the crux of the fault, the exhaust bellows such as the ignition sequence of the exhaust bellows, the spring force of the distributor's power-off contact arm, the ignition timing, the spark plug, and other exhaust bellows were not found. Continue to check the exhaust bellows carburetor air filter and valve clearance to no avail. After starting the engine again, the exhaust bellows were operating normally again, but it didn't take long for the exhaust bellows to relapse again.

Stop and check the distributor part of the exhaust bellows again. After disassembling the exhaust bellows and checking carefully, it was finally found that the copper glue wire from the exhaust bellows breaker contact arm to the low-voltage terminal was broken at the corner, leaving only a few thin copper wires connected to the exhaust bellows. After replacing the copper glue wire of the broken exhaust bellows, the failure phenomenon of the exhaust bellows disappeared.


Failure analysis

When the copper wire of the low-voltage wire of the exhaust bellows distributor is broken, the cross-sectional area of the exhaust bellows is reduced, which increases the resistance of the exhaust bellows primary circuit and reduces the current in the circuit, resulting in insufficient high voltage generated by the exhaust bellows ignition coil. When the engine exhaust bellows temperature is low, although it is difficult to start, the engine exhaust bellows can operate normally after starting. After the engine temperature rises, the temperature of the ignition exhaust bellows coil increases, and the resistance increases as the temperature of the exhaust bellows rise. Therefore, the high-voltage electricity generated by the exhaust bellows ignition coil will be insufficient, and the high-voltage spark will be weaker and even exhaust.Because the exhaust bellows are interrupted from time to time, the combustible mixture exhaust bellows in the cylinder is discharged into a silencer. When the exhaust bellows expand in the exhaust bellows, the exhaust bellows will deflagrate when encountering the sparks in the exhaust gas, which appears as an exhaust bellows muffler. Blast.


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