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Maintenance of exhaust bellows
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Maintenance of exhaust bellows

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The maintenance of exhaust bellows has a very important influence on the subsequent use of exhaust bellows. We must pay attention to the maintenance during the use of exhaust bellows and the maintenance after use to maximize the benefits and efficiency of exhaust bellows.

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Maintenance common sense



Maintenance common sense

First of all, attention should be paid to the exhaust bellows to prevent water from entering the muffler of the exhaust bellows. When driving on deepwater roads or washing cars, prevent water from entering the muffler of the exhaust bellows. If water enters accidentally, you should start the exhaust bellows engine for at least 10 minutes to warm the car at idle speed, and try to drain the accumulated water inside the exhaust bellows. And apply anti-rust oil inside the exhaust bellows muffler, here I want to emphasize the specific method :

Remove the exhaust bellows muffler, plug the exhaust bellows drain hole in the lowest position of the exhaust bellows muffler, and then add the anti-rust oil from the connection between the exhaust bellows muffler and the exhaust bellows engine, and shake the exhaust bellows muffler to make the anti-rust oil evenly enter the cylinder. With the exhaust bellows muffler installed, as the temperature of the exhaust bellows muffler gradually rises, the rust-preventing oil will volatilize in the exhaust bellows after being heated, and blue smoke will be emitted from the tail of the exhaust bellows muffler. But the blue smoke will disappear after driving about 20 kilometers. After the exhaust bellows blue smoke disappears, remove the blockage of the exhaust bellows drain hole. It is also recommended that the new car undergo an exhaust bellows maintenance after it is licensed, and the exhaust bellows maintenance is usually carried out every six months.

The second is the discoloration of exhaust bellows that many people are concerned about. When a car encounters a situation where the exhaust bellows is difficult to start, the exhaust bellows choke door should be closed first to start the engine, and attention should be paid to open the exhaust bellows choke door in time. Do not drive at high speed and low gear for a long time with the exhaust bellows choke closed. This will cause damage to the exhaust bellows engine and the exhaust bellows muffler; secondly, pay attention not to hit the throttle at high speed on the spot for a long time, because when the exhaust bellows is exhausted When the surface of the bellows muffler is oily, the surface of the exhaust bellows will change color and become yellow after driving. In addition, when there is a large amount of dirt and other dirt on the surface of the exhaust bellows muffler, it must be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the heat dissipation function of the exhaust bellows.



Although the exhaust bellows are not precision parts inside the car and are exposed to the outside, many people will think that the exhaust bellows must be a durable part. Therefore, even if the exhaust bellows are covered with dirt, it will be considered normal. But a very important point is that the exhaust bellows can connect external substances with the interior of the car. The main function of the exhaust bellows is to exhaust the exhaust gas from the interior of the car. However, if you drive improperly, substances that are harmful to the interior of the car will enter the car through the exhaust bellows. Therefore, the maintenance of exhaust bellows is the maintenance of the interior of the car in various senses.


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