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Production and installation of pipe clamps
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Production and installation of pipe clamps

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Different types of pipe clamps are required in the pipe fixing process. There are many varieties of pipe clamps, such as stainless steel pipe clamps, galvanized pipe clamps, and so on. Different types of pipe clamps are suitable for pipe applications with different load requirements, but how are these pipe clamps produced? What is their production process? How are pipe clamps installed? Next, let's take a look at the production and installation of pipe clamps. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

How are pipe clamps produced?

The installation program of pipe clamps.

How are pipe clamps produced?

Every manufacturer who wants to produce plastic pipe clamps must have injection molding machines, stamping machines, CNC machine tools, and forging press equipment. First, plastic pipe clamps are divided into plastic parts, upper and lower covers, and screws and nuts. The plastic body is injection molded according to the different types required by the customer. The surface must be lubricated. The selected plastic particles must have a strong tensile, hardness, and aging resistance. The upper and lower cover plates are made by a punching machine and then galvanized. The screws are made with CNC machine tools, then galvanized, and then combined and packaged with pipe clamps by skilled workers.

Aluminum pipe clamps.

Aluminum alloy pipe clamps are the same as those produced by plastic pipe clamps. The main pipe clamps body is made of aluminum alloy, so the selected equipment is mainly made of an aluminum alloy gold injection machine.

U-shaped pipe clamps and flat steel pipe clamps.

U-shaped pipe clamps mainly use forging presses and numerical control machine tools. The first choice is to select high-quality carbon steel, which is baked to a certain extent in an oven and be bent into a U-shaped package with a forging press, and then galvanized. Flat steel pipe clamps are the same as U-shaped pipe clamps.

The installation program of pipe clamps.

The pipe clamps are assembled on the welding board. Before assembling, to better determine the direction of the pipe clamps, it is recommended to mark the fixing place first, then weld on the welding, insert the lower part of the pipe clamps body, and put the pipe to be fixed. Put on the other half of the pipe clamps body and cover, and tighten them with screws. Never directly weld the bottom plate with pipe clamps installed.

Pipe clamps are used in stacking assembly. The guide rail can be welded on the foundation or fixed with screws. First, install the upper and lower pipe clamps body, put the pipe to be fixed, and then put the upper half pipe clamps body, fix it with screws, and prevent it from rotating by the anti-loosening cover plate. Then install the second pipe clamps in the same way as above.

Pipe clamps are used in the assembly of elbows. When assembling the elbow, it should be directly fixed with pipe clamps at the front and rear of the elbow. It is recommended that such a support point should be in a fixed position.

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