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A: Am I the only one that thinks flexible exhaust pipe is cool if used properly? I don't see flexible exhaust used ever. I first used it in 1954 when I split the manifold on my Mopar 6 and that was the only way to get to a rigid pipe. We didn't have muffler shops that could custom bend pipes then. Auburn and Duesenberg used flex right off the engine so it was cool, it has a 100% stainless exhaust system including the flex pipe.

B: The biggest down side with the kind of flex tubing is that it leaks. It also tends to wear out and fail if subjected to a lot of movement or vibration. But if used in a suitable location, where exhaust leakage isn't an issue, it is an option.
C: Flex tube was used on some old cars, but I have only seen it used as a cosmetic covering over the real pipe, or as cover for insulation over the actual pipe, but never as the pipe itself. There is a type of flex tube that looks like bellows and is usually covered with woven stainless. Many modern cars, especially FWD cars, have a short section of it to accommodate engine movement. While that type doesn't leak, and can tolerate more movement, it is expensive.

D: You could get a pipe bent, or get some mandrel u-bends and weld it up and have a real nice installation.

E: If you buy cheap aftermarket stuff it could be a problem. Take a look at Ford stuff Escorts, Tracers, Countour, Mistique and other front wheel drive cars with 1.8L, 1.9L and 2.0L Zetec engines. The factory installed 6" flex pipe on these because of forward and backward engine movement and they all worked very well with no leaks. These were built to last because of the clean air act of 1990. They had to meet or exceed exhaust system standards.

F: How about the sound? I guess it sounds softer and quieter but kind rubbish like rusty pipe. I'm pretty sure that causes more backpressure than same size pipe.

Comments from manufacture of exhaust flexible pipe:

I think everyone know why need an exhaust flexible pipe, but don’t know how to choose. Most of customers will buy medium quality flex pipe from us, the warranty is 2 years. Some Europe customers will buy high quality flex pipes, the warranty is 3 years. We have been test a high quality flex pipe before, it has been used for 3 years without any damage. It could be use longer. However, if spilling salt in winter in your country, it is very easy to be damaged.


How to judge if the flex pipe is good? First is material. Second is the flexibility because the softer the better. It also protects engine form vibration. Third is outer wire, it is very easy to worn out due to it is the protection of the bellow. Fourth, the bellow should be two layers and should be thinner. In our factory, we use two layer of bellows and the thickness is 0.2mm for each layer. We also use softer and brighter wire to protect the bellow. Our flexible pipe is softer and you can choose different material as you need. Welcome to contact us if you need.

exhaust flexible pipe

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