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Products News

In the field of automobile exhaust systems, such components as manifolds, pipes, catalytic converters, and mufflers are joined either by the car manufacturer or by a subcontractor to form a subassembly ready for attachment. Today, large numbers of these components are welded with a laser.As an alter



[Products News] What kind of different parts go on a performance aftermarket exhaust?

‍There are a few different areas of your exhaust system and each is very critical to making your car run. The first is the manifold. This is usually made out of aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron. The system is responsible for air intake and is connected to the cylinder heads. They take each cy




Buying a car can be great fun, but no matter how good your new vehicle is, there is always room for improvement. Most car and truck manufacturers leave room for us normal people to improve, or ruin their products. That’s not to say the original vehicle isn’t good, but in that good old American fashi



[Products News] Power, Sound, Looks | Can I Have It All With a Cat-Back Exhaust System?

It's an age-old question that many have asked. Will an aftermarket exhaust be worth the expense? While they definitely can be, an important question to ask yourself is do you care more about the deeper sound they're designed to produce, or the added performance gained from being less restrictive? As



[Products News] What Are the Different Parts of an Exhaust System?

Internal combustion engines get the power that a vehicle feeds on from a mixture of oxygen and fuel that is burned by the spark plug within the combustion chamber. When this mixture is burned, a few dangerous (and potentially fatal) gases are created: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen mo



[Products News] What to Do When the Truck Exhaust Pipe Gets Too Noisy

Truck exhausts are meant to improve your riding experience but sometimes they can be too noisy. Sometimes the noise produced by loose components used on the exhaust become too much and have to be fixed quickly. Fixing loose components is fairly easy and leaving them like that may be very dangerous.



[Products News] What Are the Added Benefits of Smoke Stack Exhausts?

There are naysayers out there that claim that smoke stack exhausts are useless and only serve an aesthetic purpose. But that is NOT TRUE. Smoke stack exhausts are actually a great tool for boosting your truck’s power and performance. In fact, they can help your truck pull harder, climb faster, and h



[Products News] What’s the Difference Between Exhaust Flex Connectors and Bellows?

Did you know that 20ft of carbon steel exhaust pipe will “grow” approximately 3″ when its temperature rises from 90°F to a normal engine exhaust operating temperature of 900°F? Does your engine exhaust design have something in place to absorb this pipe growth? Are you specifying a flexible connector



[Products News] How to Diagnose a Bad or Failing Exhaust Pipe/Tube?

Internal combustion engines produce fumes known as exhaust in their normal operation. The exhaust fumes exit the engine’s cylinders after combustion and flow through the vehicle’s exhaust system for expulsion from the tailpipe. The exhaust system is made up of a series of metal pipes that transport



[Products News] Flexible Pipe Repairs

Flexi pipe exhaust repairs are probably one of the most cost effective exhaust repairs we undertake here in Darlington. Many people are unaware that a snapped flexi pipe does not mean an expensive exhaust replacement; we have a very cost effective exhaust flexi pipe repair system.If you want to know

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