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Customized ductile cast iron casting exhaust manifold for car
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Customized ductile cast iron casting exhaust manifold for car

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- 100% Brand New 
- Specific design to increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine, resulting in a gain in power output. 
- Improve Exhaust Gas Flow and Increase Turbo Spool up and Reduces Turbo Lag 
- Manufactured from high quality cast iron for durable usage 
- Continuous tests under extreme conditions to withstand high temperature 
- Special surface treatment to resist corrosion. 
- Accurate dimensions with exquisite workmanship 
- Tubes sized and shaped to match cylinder-head exhaust port
  • WXHY-EW-003
  • wxhy


Company type Manufacturer (more than 30 years' experienced factory)
Main export market Western Europe North America Western Asia
Accept OEM/ODM Service,Accept trial orders
Material Cast Iron and Cast Steel , ductile iron,Aluminum
Producing Process Sand casting, investment casting, Lost wax casting,die casting, etc
Surface Treatment Painting, polishing, powder coating, zinc plating, chrome plating,heat treatment
Design As per the customer’s design, idea & samples; As per samples, we can provide
OEM and ODM request
Packing Plywood box, iron box, stretch-wrap and pallet
Inspection Self-inspection:GB/T 2828.1-2003/ISO 2859-1:1999
Third party inspection available upon customer’s requirements
Mainly Products Exhaust flexible pipe, metal bellows, exhaust manifold, other casting parts, etc



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